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       "Our youth today is a healthy youth, patriotic youth, young people who love their people and nation ... Our young people should study perfectly, learn life deeply, and know the processes in the world. It must act properly and serve
his people and his state."

                                    Heydar Aliyev

The kickboxing tournament is over

      Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic's Open Tournament on kickboxing among juniors and cadet for the "Heydar Aliyev Cup" dedicated to the 96th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev has been summed up.

After the performance of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the tournament continued with an artistic part. The Nakhchivan State Philharmonic's spectacular performances of music and dance ensemble were applauded by the audience Then the final matches have been started.

At first the cadets (10-13 years old) came out on the ring. Shahin Afandiyev (26 kg), Ramal Garibli (28 kg), Subhan Mammadov (32 kg), Kenan Jafarov (37 kg), Vugar Mammadov (42 kg), Asgar Musayev (47 kg) and Zeynalabdin Musayev (+47 kg) they were able to overcome all their opponents in weight classes.

Azat Zamanli (39 kg), Nicat Abbasov (42 kg), Ismayil Yagubov (47 kilograms), Ali Gasimov (52 kg), Farid Maharramov (57 kg), Arshia Ahmedyan (63 kg, Iran) , Nariman Narimanov (69 kg) and Shakir Hamzayev (+69 kilograms) were stronger than others.

Meetings between adolescents aged 15-17 were more interesting than the sport. Mehran Salehyan (57kg, Iran), Kian Rzazade (60kg, Iran), Agshin Hajizade (71kg), Gadir Mammadrza (75kg, Iran) and Rza Rahimpour (91kg, Iran) won the tournament. and Khadija Mustafayeva (32 kg) managed to win all her opponents on the ring.

Finally, Neftchi team was awarded with the "Heydar Aliyev Cup", which had a successful result in all weight categories. The award was handed over by Azad Jabbarov, Minister of Youth and Sports of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

At the same time Elnur Alyev, Konul Ismayilova and Tabriz Imanov were awarded special prizes for their support for the development of kickboxing in the autonomous republic.

Press service of the Ministry of Youth and Sport
of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Ministry of Youth and Sport of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
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