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       "Our youth today is a healthy youth, patriotic youth, young people who love their people and nation ... Our young people should study perfectly, learn life deeply, and know the processes in the world. It must act properly and serve
his people and his state."

                                    Heydar Aliyev

Julfa region championship was held

      On April 15, 2019 the Intellectual Games Olympics among juniors was held in the Culture Palace of Julfa region under the slogan "Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic-95".

First of all, Youth and Sports Ministry Officer Orujlu Samir informed about the essence of the games and said that according to the Action Plan prepared in connection with the 95th anniversary of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, it is planned to hold several intellectual games, cultural events, sports competitions throughout the year.

The Julfa Championship of the Olympiad, held today, was organized according to the Plan of Action. It was noted that the aim of the Olympiad is to involve adolescents in intellectual activities, to increase their knowledge and skills in this field, to stimulate their intellectual levels, outlook, mental development, effective leisure time, and intellectual games. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Championship will be held in May in all cities and districts of the Autonomous Republic. Then the active young Fuad Babayev spoke about state care for young people in the autonomous republic, the activity of the youth in intellectual games, their success in the Azerbaijani championships, the involvement of teenagers in intellectual games and the worthy representation of the autonomous republic in the championships.

Competitions within the framework of the Olympics were held in the framework of the National Intellectual Game "Khamsa", the "Polygon" Strategic Intelligence Game and the "Single Patriotic" Intellectual Game. According to the final results of the "Khamsa" National Intellectual Game, "Khazar" team of Saltak village secondary school, I place, "Zirva" team of Goyirda village secondary school, II place "Turan" school of Erezin village. "Shahin" team of Julfa city took 3, "Araz" team of Julfa city secondary school took 2, Yaycı village secondary school took 2 place, which meets more than 24 questions at Polygon Strategie Intelligence Game The team "Alinja" is on the third place. The team "Kazanchi" of the village of Kazanchi, the first graduate of Khanagah village secondary school "Ugur" II place, "Khachadagh" secondary school of Kirkna village secondary school, completed the map of the pazl of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the "Intellectual Game" team III took place. Finally, the winners were presented diplomas, honorary decrees of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, readable books, as well as examples of Azerbaijani and world literature. More than 60 teenagers participated in the Olympiad organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Education Ministry, the New Azerbaijan Party, the Youth Union of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the Youth Intellectual Development Center of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The winners of the Olympiad will represent the Julfa region at the autonomous republic championship in May.

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Ministry of Youth and Sport of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
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