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       "Our youth today is a healthy youth, patriotic youth, young people who love their people and nation ... Our young people should study perfectly, learn life deeply, and know the processes in the world. It must act properly and serve his people and his state."

                                    Heydar Aliyev

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Heavy, responsible, courageous sport
The place where those feelings are found is:
Sharur district heavyweight division

      History has always proved that people born in the seven-month period are signing up for success that others can not win in different spheres, and they have a great mark in life. There are hundreds in sports. For example, when speaking about the sport's heavy athletics, the Turkish athlete Halil Mutlu, who always attracts attention with the best indicators and achievements. The followers of the heavyweight athlete, who are always happy with the Turkish world, now say their words in the arena. We can say with pride that Tarkenkhan Babayev, who is an example of his colleagues with the dedication, principle and perseverance of the Nakhchivan sports school, is one of our athletes who have already proven himself in the field of weightlifting with great success.

"The healthy growth of children is the main task of coaches"

Now, everybody is interested in one thing: Europe and our athlete who conquered the world. Yes, the path that leads to the victory over Teremenkhan started from this hall. He has been training here for hours and has learned from his coaches the secrets of this sport. Our aim was to go to the Sharur District Weightlifting Division, which is under the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, to watch the trainings at this address and to engage with young athletes.

First of all, let's say that this hall does not differ from the other similar addresses in the Autonomous Republic. That is to say, today in our town every sport facility has created modern conditions for the development of sport. Well-trained specialists were involved. The healthy growth of our future youths, and the development of talented athletes in our ancient dormitory are at the center of attention.

This is the address ... The guys, teenagers and young people with slippers wearing sackcloths are paying attention. When we go in, our thoughts come to an end: children waiting outside look completely different in the hall. The coach-teacher Shafi Huseynov, who welcomes us in the hall understands our surprise and says, "Now everything is different, is not it? Compared to previous years, interest in sport has dramatically changed in Nakhchivan. As you can see, the reason was created: warmth, after workout, we have water for washing children (laughs). Those who engage in sports often want them to be. What you need for children (with their hands and children): to do serious exercises, to grow healthy and to contribute to autonomous republican sports. "

Shafi Huseynov continues to talk about the benefits of this type: "Always tell the kids in the hall that whatever sport you are dealing with, the body protects the body from diseases, keeps people healthy and strengthens the body. Also, when you are engaged in sports, you lose calories and you will be able to survive. As a trainer, we are taking steps to bring people to this field and propagandize them. Because these young people are our future. "

Future heavyweight athletes do not stop training

We paused and watched our conversation. Particular attention was drawn to Shafi Huseynov's closest interest with 4 minors. "This is the future of European and world champions," said the coach. As I said in Tamanmen Babayev, I promise again that they will represent Azerbaijan at the Olympic Games in 2022, "he put his hand on two children's shoulders. We took advantage of the ideas of Hasan Babayev and Nihat Ramazanov. Hasan has been training in this hall for more than two years: "I'm 11 years old and I've been engaged in this type of sport for two and a half years. During this time I have twice been the champion of Azerbaijan. My goal is to increase my achievements and to participate in larger competitions. To do this, I continue without interruptions every day. Sometimes I have a few shortcomings in the race, and I work harder on them and fulfill my coach's wishes on time. Everything has been created for us. And then I will try to get a regular invitation to the national team and represent Nakhchivan in international arenas ".

Nihat Ramazanov is engaged in this type of sport for about a year. According to the coach, Nihat has great potential and can be one of the strongest athletes of Azerbaijan in the future. The 10-year-old Ilkin Kerimov is also a talented member of the unit.

Member of the Azerbaijani national team, 14-year-old Guljahan Aliyeva, is currently considered one of the most talented athletes in the country. Our athlete sees the main reason for the success he has earned in the proper training: "Previously, I had such an idea that men should be engaged in sports. And then I saw that girls are engaged in different spheres of sport and they succeed. And I chose heavy athletics. Weightlifting is a kind of thing that should be forgotten and focused on one side when you go over the paddle. Our coaches first instill this. And I put all my power to become a member of the national team in competitions. There is more than I have been involved in heavy athletics and became a champion and a laurel of Azerbaijan in the 48kg weight class. My goal is to make maximum use of the conditions created for us and to have greater achievements. "

Two-time European champion, Silver medalist of the III Summer Youth Olympic Games, Tarmenkhan Babayev, continues the tireless training: "This hall is my second home. Stag's arrows, stones and tools of different weight are like me ... I feel very comfortable here and continue my tireless workouts. Increasing my training hours as I work. Usually, there are training sessions at the national team before the competition. I am trying to get ready for the assemblies. I have never boasted of my successes, but one goal: to move forward and return to Nakhchivan with as many medals as I can. More serious preparations are coming to the forthcoming races. The fruit of our suffering is the success we have gained. "

Powerlifting along with weightlifting

At the Sharur section of the department, along with weightlifting, trainings are being conducted on the powerlifting sport. Coach-trainer Shafi Huseynov says 20 athletes are involved in weightlifting, and 15 children in powerlifting. "There are rules for performing powerlifting actions. We teach children more and guide them correctly. Their perception ability is very good. They try to do everything they can to teach children. We have not had such high results yet in this sport. But I'm sure the young people I'm dealing with will get high scores. The Ministry of Youth and Sports is seriously supporting this sport. Whether athletic or powerlifting is a special feature, it teaches children to be free in all situations. I want to say through the newspaper that we invite children born in 2006-2009 to our trainings ".

Majid Mammadov, two-time Azerbaijani champion on powerlifting, prize-winner of country championship and tournaments repeatedly, is one of the winners. Our 22-year-old athlete is engaged in this type of work for about 3 years: "I'm going to break my trainings and prepare for the upcoming months. Sometimes they ask me if I'm resting, and my answer is, "My work is like my rest" (laughs). If you want to become a professional athlete, training should be taken seriously. Then the success itself will "come and find you".

As you can see, the interest in different spheres of sports is increasing day by day in our Autonomous Republic. The reason is the created sports infrastructure and state care for athletes. Such halls will continue to grow great athletes, and the successes will be written in golden letters on Nakhchivan's sport history. Tarmmenkhan Babayev's 16-year-old's birthday is a success ...


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